Tea and Coffee

Tea, Coffee, the full works

Looking for a brew that’s a little bit off the beaten track (but not too far)? At the Tower House Gallery we pride ourselves on providing a taste to suit all tastes, whether it’s a straightforwardly refreshing cup of ‘British’ tea, a soothing and aromatic cup of green tea or the best Americano in town.

The India and China Tea Company had a shop in this building for 50 years and it remained a grocery under different names until late into the 20th Century. In 2009, we opened our new coffee and tea shop to add value to the shopping experience of our customers.

We offer over 30 different types of tea and tissane (mainly leaf) and a wide variety of different styles of coffee. John’s espresso has been described as ‘the best this side of the Italian border’ by a Knighton resident who lived and worked for many years in Italy. John has made the transition from management consultant to baker / cook remarkably well but then his grandfather was the Co-op baker in Resolven, West Glamorgan, so it must all be in the genes!

We always have a vegen / glutten-free home-made soup available and we make our own bread and cakes.

Look on the Menus page for a comprehensive list of what we offer.